26th Sep

Patient Participation Group AGM 5th October 2022

The Annual General Meeting of the Chawton Park Surgery Patients Participation Group will be held at Chawton Park Surgery on Wednesday 12th October 2022 at 6.30pm.
All patients registered at the Practice are welcome and are requested to RSVP to Ian Saunders, Chair of PPG at
Space will be limited for those wishing to attend so RSVPs should be submitted no later than Wednesday 5th October.
21st Sep

COVID vaccination programme - Spring Booster Programme update

The vaccination programme is now solely located at:

The Health Hub, Festival place, Basingstoke, RG21 7BA


Information about the programme can be found here

Vaccines are bookable by appointment only. We no longer offer walk ins during this period. These can be booked by NBS which is available by calling 119 or visiting

We will be administering both Covid and Flu vaccinations for our eligible patients. 

Vaccination is also available for those who are housebound – please contact your practice to arrange this. We would ask patients to consider carefully whether they are able to travel to our site, our general practice services are under extreme pressure and the vaccination service is in addition to our normal work.

Eligibility can be found here


12th Aug

Practice update

Dear Patients

We are writing to you because the clinical team in conjunction with the Patients Participation Group (PPG) at Chawton Park Surgery, wish to explain what is happening in the Practice and the challenges it is currently facing.

In the previous few months, and as a result o the closure of Bentley Village Surgery, our practice has grown by over 900 new patients as well as having to take on responsibility for a 54 bed nursing home. Whilst we are very happy to welcome new patients to the Practice, the impact of this rapid expansion has caused us to look at the services we offer and various ways in which our professional medical team is able to operate. Sadly, we have recently lost one of our salaried GPs, Dr Rosser which has put an additional strain on our clinical resources and ability to react more quickly to patient needs. Alongside the loss of Dr Rosser, the practice has faced challenges of recruitment within the NHS which are well articulated in the media and across the whole of the UK . Since January this year, we have also been trying to recruit an additional GP, but without success. This is extremely worrying especially with government pressure brought about by impending changes to patient access arrangements. The safety , wellbeing and welfare of our patient population is of paramount importance to us and at the moment, it is a fine balancing act between fulfilling as many consultations as we can and maintaining a quality assured service where patient care and needs are met and health issues are safely resolved.


Patients will still be able to complete Econsults and request telephone calls as well as see members of the team face to face. Our patient co-ordinator team have been trained by the GPs to signpost and book the most appropriate medical professional in order to deal with individual cases. This highly qualified professional team consists of a Physiotherapy triage service, mental health wellbeing team, clinical pharmacist, social prescriber and a pro-active care team. To assist and support our doctors the practice also has a highly skilled nursing team who are available to help with long term condition queries, including questions about asthma, COPD, diabetes, hypertension as well as other minor ailments like blocked ears and cuts.


It is important to understand that when contacting the surgery, our patient co-ordinator team will always guide you towards the best possible healthcare professional to suit your needs. This may not necessarily need to involve a GP.


Returning to the Econsult, these are useful tools which enable our GPs to assess patient needs. All Econsults are read and reviewed within 48 working hours, with patients often being contacted within this time. From 1st August this year, we have adjusted the clinical booking system to become available 4 weeks in advance for face to face and telephone consultations. We are also working on more appointments being available online. When a patient asks for a GP appointment, the patient co-ordinator team will always offer the first routine appointment which is available. In the event of an emergency, appointments are available each day but our doctors have asked that these appointments are only made available for those who are unwell or where a condition may escalate in to something more serious. The patient co-ordinator team will explain why they are unable to book routine queries for immediate action and it is helpful for patients to understand that the process is not simply being used to block care but to find a more appropriate routeway to treatment.

 Please bear with us during these difficult and challenging times as our sole aim is to provide the best possible care and treatment for our patients. If you are unsure which member of our healthcare team you need to see, then please ask when speaking to our patient co-ordinators.

 Thank you

Chawton Park Surgery clinical team and Patients Participation Group